Christian living- dealing with one 'oops' at a time…

God just brought to mind a time when I was talking to a woman I know. She was distraught. She felt like a failure. She could not keep her house clean, her kids looking like angels etc. I laughed. I told her that’s because that’s not how God made you!
Some women are good at being housewives. They love to clean, organize, shop and their house always smells like freshly baked something. Others of us are more like the Proverbs 31 woman. We would rather be out, making our own money, buying a field and managing the vineyard. And that’s okay.
So, what if you are an out and about person who has decided that, based on current circumstances, it is best for you to be home with the children and not conquering the world? You ‘muddle.’ You use your skills the best you can in your current situation. You make it fun- your home does not have to resemble anyone else’s! (novel concept, I know.) Your children are likely like you, and your husband feels blessed to have you, so why not just be- you! But know that you are in the situation with a ‘servant’s heart.’ You are not the woman who paints her wall four times because it is not the right shade of puce (whatever that is). You are who God made you. Figure out who that is, get the stuff you ‘muddle’ with through quickly, and then enjoy, doing the things in life the way only ‘you’ can! (And if you are an awesome housewife, congratulations, enjoy it, but you will have to tell me what that’s like! Though some of you may be an awesome housewife, aching to be home full time, but cannot. You will need to ‘muddle’ too, in a different way…)

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