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How should we react to Dana Coverstone’s Dreams?

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Hi Again!
So I have been watching the responses to Dana Coverstone’s dreams and I am seeing two main problems.
One: The call to arm ourselves and stockpile food.
This in and of itself is not bad. It is good to be prepared. BUT, to be more godly we need to be thinking about protecting and feeding our neighbors as well. Only providing for oneself is a bit limited and selfish. We may need to ban together in our communities and this will involve co-operation from all who are involved.
Two: The call to prayer.
This again is a good thing. We should pray. BUT only a few of us are called to be just prayer warriors who spend hours in their prayer closets praying fervently. If this is your calling, please do not neglect it. I have seen this portion of the body of Christ do mighty things. BUT most of us are called to DO as well. The book of James tells us that faith without works is dead. If you are called to DO, then this is not the time to be timid and neglect that calling. Be bold and courageous because things are getting heated and we need to calm them down!
Again I am going to remind you to do everything in love. We all know we have people amongst us that either like to belittle others or merely do not know how bad they sound when they say things. We really need to stop others from fanning the flames, even if the people are well-intentioned and do not realize what they are doing. This is also not the time for us to be putting down other’s ministries or other types of infighting that we commonly do. We need to come together and help our country heal.
Further, when this is over, there are places in our country where people do not have access to clean water. I know we have people in our Christian community who have experience putting wells and other sustainable water sources into other countries. Let’s look at Flint, Michigan and the Navajo nation in NM/AZ and figure out how to cut through the red tape and get water to people in our country as well!
This prophecy should empower us to do what is right and good and cause us to come together in unity and love. When times are tough we don’t run and hide, we stand and help. Let us be the body that Christ has called us to be and help our nation get through this time with love and compassion, caring for everyone we can!

Dana Coverstone’s Prophecy and My Response

My thoughts on Dana Coverstone’s prophetic dreams…
His dreams are entirely probable in this volatile environment.
So what does this mean for us as Christians?
A prophecy about the future in the Bible serves a few different purposes. The main purposes include a warning of what is to come and a reassurance that God is in charge (since He knew what was to come and told His people about it). Some prophecy does not have to come true. If the people repent, and change their ways, the things foretold do not have to come to pass. (Jer 26: 19, Jonah 3:10, Rev 2:5) At other times, greater or lesser fulfillment of a prophecy is seen depending on the people’s response. (Dan 9:18) So while the prophecy is fulfilled, it may not be as severe as it could have been if the people ignored the warning. At other times the prophecy is inevitable, and God is preparing his people so they understand what is to come and are prepared for it. This occurs when Jeremiah prophecies about the coming events that will result in Jerusalem being captured and the people dispersed. At other times a prophecy is fulfilled at separate times. The first fulfillment is a mild, or lesser fulfillment, while a later fulfilment is more severe, or significant. (Is 7:14, Mt 1:23)
I believe this prophecy is a warning. If the Christians do not stand up, our nation is in trouble.
So what do we do?
We behave meekly- we are strong and immovable, but always respectful and gracious to those who do not agree even if they are not nice to us. If we behave like jerks and idiots, our cause is lost. Do not defend a side just because it is your side, instead do what is right and compassionate no matter what. No sinner repented when the pharisees looked down on them and excluded others. Be like Jesus, not the religiously arrogant ‘sons of vipers’ and ‘white-washed tombs’ of His time.
We stand firmly against lawlessness and hate (wherever it occurs). We protect people’s rights, including their right to support themselves and feed their families. We support other’s rights to worship and for free speech- for everyone. Jesus did not silence the pharisees and leaders of his time, he debated them and showed them the flaws in their arguments with sincerity. He was a guest in their homes. While there is a time to clean the Temple, there are more examples in both the gospels and the letters of reaching people through reason and love.
We right wrongs. When you hear about someone being treated poorly and have checked to make sure the story is true, make sure they are treated well, especially if they were treated poorly by someone calling themselves a Christian! And stand up and say something when people are being mean. Don’t be afraid to speak up, but gently and with love. Many people do not know that they are being cruel. Educate instead of going for the jugular. A win is when someone learns to do better, not when you eviscerate your opponent!
We stop the fear mongering. God has instructed us not to fear and to be strong and courageous many, many times in the Bible. We need to counteract the media and some politicians’ message of fear and replace it with reassurance that although times are tough, we will get through this together- and mean it! Help your neighbors and encourage others to do the same. Redirect the people who would take advantage of others as well, as this will impede real help and cause others to stop helping when they would be otherwise willing. Ensure your help is real and encourage the people who are receiving it to pay it forward when they can.
We are also not stupid about it. COVID is real. We need to protect our most vulnerable, but, unless our scientists are closer to a vaccine and/or cure than I am aware of, that means herd immunity so the elderly and weak can get out of their homes without fear. Trying to keep the young and healthy from getting the disease is unfortunately just going to keep it around longer and increase the risk that the old and weak will become infected. The quarantine is not the answer for the healthy, but for those at risk. What we need to do is to work with health providers and public officials to come up with an actual common-sense plan for our area that keeps fatalities low. We need to stop the fear mongering, as well as the ‘no one is going to tell me what to do’ and get on the same page so our people are as protected as possible, our children are educated and safe and our economy does not collapse. Every church has people in healthcare in it. Get them together and then push for what is best for your area. Make sure your data is accurate and your plan flexible in case you are wrong, so plans can quickly change. In short- be the leaders God called you to be!

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