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Hi Again!
So I have been watching the responses to Dana Coverstone’s dreams and I am seeing two main problems.
One: The call to arm ourselves and stockpile food.
This in and of itself is not bad. It is good to be prepared. BUT, to be more godly we need to be thinking about protecting and feeding our neighbors as well. Only providing for oneself is a bit limited and selfish. We may need to ban together in our communities and this will involve co-operation from all who are involved.
Two: The call to prayer.
This again is a good thing. We should pray. BUT only a few of us are called to be just prayer warriors who spend hours in their prayer closets praying fervently. If this is your calling, please do not neglect it. I have seen this portion of the body of Christ do mighty things. BUT most of us are called to DO as well. The book of James tells us that faith without works is dead. If you are called to DO, then this is not the time to be timid and neglect that calling. Be bold and courageous because things are getting heated and we need to calm them down!
Again I am going to remind you to do everything in love. We all know we have people amongst us that either like to belittle others or merely do not know how bad they sound when they say things. We really need to stop others from fanning the flames, even if the people are well-intentioned and do not realize what they are doing. This is also not the time for us to be putting down other’s ministries or other types of infighting that we commonly do. We need to come together and help our country heal.
Further, when this is over, there are places in our country where people do not have access to clean water. I know we have people in our Christian community who have experience putting wells and other sustainable water sources into other countries. Let’s look at Flint, Michigan and the Navajo nation in NM/AZ and figure out how to cut through the red tape and get water to people in our country as well!
This prophecy should empower us to do what is right and good and cause us to come together in unity and love. When times are tough we don’t run and hide, we stand and help. Let us be the body that Christ has called us to be and help our nation get through this time with love and compassion, caring for everyone we can!

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