Christian living- dealing with one 'oops' at a time…


Miracles are much like healing. They are supernatural things that occur because God wills and does them through you. Moses turned the water to blood, and parted the Red Sea etc. As far as I know God has not performed any miracles through me, so I will share my favorite story.

A pastor and his congregation built a new church. Just before they were to open the town decided that their parking was inadequate and they could not open the church until the problem was solved. They were out of money, and only had a huge hill that was not suitable for parking to work with, so the pastor called the congregation to the property to pray, and in faith claimed that they would be meeting in that new building next Sunday as planned. On Monday the pastor received a phone call. A new building was going up and they desperately needed fill dirt. They noticed that the church had quite a hill that would supply what they needed. They promised to pay for the dirt and leave the area level when they were done. The pastor now had money, so he called a local paving company. Surprise, their job for the week had just been cancelled and they would be happy to do the work for just less than the money the pastor was to be given for the dirt. So the next Sunday the church was allowed to open. God had moved a ‘mountain’ though not in the way anyone expected. In my experience, this is often the way God likes to work. Using people and including them in His plans. Since He is a God who values relationships, this makes sense.

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