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Psalm 20 
An Awesome Blessing
(A psalm by David)
By the way: I love this psalm. It is an awesome blessing to pray for someone. I am surprised that it does not get more attention…
Here are the blessings:
1. May God answer you in times of trouble.
2. May God protect you.
3. May God help you and support you.
4. May God remember all of your sacrifices and offerings.
5. May God give you your heart’s desires.
6. May God make all of your plans succeed.
7. May God grant everything you request.
We will celebrate with you when you are victorious and praise God! We know that the Lord saves those who are His. Some trust in chariots and horses (military strength) but we trust in God. Others (those not with God) will fall, but we rise up and stand firm.
The psalm ends with a request for God to save (protect) the king and to answer us when we call.
(While this is intended as a blessing for the king, it is a wonderful prayer to pray for anyone you love!)

from A New Believer’s Bible Commentary: Psalms – Song of Songs

photography by Matija Barrett

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