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So many people have warned me that I needed to have ‘thick skin’ to do so many things in life, and it’s true, I did need to let many things just roll off my back and realize that the issues the irate person was addressing had more to do with what they were dealing with in life than they did with me. But I also got to the point where I realized that needing to be affirmed was not a bad thing. It is a normal human emotional need, and it is entirely Biblical.

So, while it is not good to be too caught up in seeking the approval of others, we do need to remember:
1. Respect is something that righteous people have earned, so it can be expected when you do well. (Rom. 13:7, 1 Thess. 4:12)
2. Praise is Biblical, and it is acceptable to feel good about it. (Prov. 27:2, 31:31)
3. Affirmation is given to the godly, and even to Jesus (whom God loved and was well pleased with) on more than one occasion. (Mk. 1:11, Lk. 19:17)

So the next time you are beating yourself up for being ‘thinned skin’ or needing the approval of others, take time to do a reality check. Are you really being overly sensitive? Or just reacting to a typical human need?
Photo by Matija Barrett

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