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Song of Song (Poem 2)


This commentary is based on my notes after reading The New International Commentary on the Old Testament: Song of Songs, by Tremper Longman III, 2001

Poem 2 (Insecurities)

The Woman:

v 5 I am dark (likely tanned due to working in the sun- not pampered)

but beautiful (healthy self-esteem)

daughters of Jerusalem (she is now speaking to the pampered women who would look down on her)

like the tents of Qedar, like the curtains of Solomon (she compares herself to 2 powerful, respected groups)

v 6 Don’t look at me, because I am swarthy (dark) because the sun scorched me.

She is speaking to the other woman and hoping for understanding/ compassion/ empathy. There is no indication re: whether, or not, they respond positively. The implication is that they should show understanding.

My mother’s sons (implies a different father- 2nd marriage?) were angry with me.

She may have rejected their advances. Remember during this time half-siblings married- think Sarah and Abraham.

They made me guard/ work the vineyards,

but my vineyard I did not guard/ tend.

While vineyard can refer to sexuality, here is it likely an actual vineyard as she becomes tan when working it. She has not taken care of herself. She is also associated with the laboring/ farm class.

Note that brothers are supposed to protect sisters and arrange for their marriages. These brothers did not indicating she does not come from a supportive, wonderful family.

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