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Why Cannot Mary Touch Jesus, But 8 Days Later He invites the Disciples to Do So?

The explanation in scripture is that Jesus has not yet ascended to heaven. (John 20:17) For most of us, that does not really answer the question. Likely this has to due with Jesus fulfilling the role of the High Priest in the Heavenly Temple. When a high priest is ordained, the process takes eight days. The night before the high priest’s ordination, there are people assigned to make sure he does not fall asleep, so he does not accidentally make himself unclean. This is likely the timing and the symbolism which is being recreated. On another interesting note, it is obvious that Mary is comfortable touching Jesus, which is not a norm for non-family members of the opposite sex in this culture. She is not likely His wife, as Jesus only makes arrangements for the care of His mother as He is dying, even though Mary is there as well, indicating that her care is not His responsibility. (Jn 19:27)

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