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God Can Use Anything: Even Me (Part 2)

Today we’re going to get personal. This is a story from my life.

Years ago when my husband and I were young Christians we were providing free medical care to a friend. My husband is an osteopath and I am a physical therapist. We were looking at the same knee from slightly different perspectives. With both of us being Type A personalities and not being raised in fundamentalist Christian homes the discussion became heated and at some point I cursed. (Not typical patient care either, I know.)

Now what we did not know is that from the outside this friend thought we were ‘perfect.’ We went to church, had adopted three older kids in addition to our four young ones etc. Hearing me use a ‘not made for church’ word she decided, ‘If Judy can curse then I can go to church.’ And the rest is history.

I am not saying that curse words should be added to the Roman Road any time soon. I am just saying that God can use anything, even our mistakes to accomplish His will.

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