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God Can Use Anything (Part 1): Jonah and the Ark

One of my favorite preaching stories comes from a friend of mine’s friend. He was having a great day at the pulpit. Or so he thought. After the sermon he gave the standard altar call and 15 young men went to the altar to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. In rural areas this is a record number. Feeling pretty good about himself he went to greet the rest of his parishioners before they left for home and buffet. An elder then pulled him aside and mentioned, ‘You do know it was Noah and the ark, not Jonah…’ Stunned he thought back to his sermon and realized that he had repeatedly replaced Noah with Jonah throughout his sermon. Years later he thought back to the group that came to the altar that day and realized that every man was now serving at some level in ministry. The take home point: God can use anything, even your mistakes.

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