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My Encounters With the Holy Ghost (Con’t): Faith and Giving

Faith and Giving

My husband has these and man is it annoying! (Not what you thought I was going to say?) People who have faith have a supernatural ability to know when something is from God and believe that everything will work out. My husband also has a gift for giving. This does not mean that he gives all the time. People with the gift of giving are very careful about where their money goes, as they should be, because God often funnels many big ticket items through their hands. Combine this with the gift of faith and you will see why I say that it can be annoying. My husband loves to give, and has no doubt that the Lord will provide. So when I see our finances take a hit, or a big item given away without thought, it can be tough, but God provides and we have never missed a cent that we have given. Often God confirms in me that we are to give, but without the supernatural gifts I am not as comfortable, nor as excited as my husband is when we do such things. I am slower to get to where we need to be.

Now here is a true story about our giving.

We once lived in a small town where the majority of the people were not as wealthy as we were. (My husband is an emergency room doctor and we lived in the middle of farm country.) We went to a small church. The church needed a sound system, and since we were both involved in the music ministry (my husband can sing) we thought we would just give all of the money. But we decided to pray first. We prayed separately. God told each of us to give- nothing. So we prayed some more. God said we could give one dollar for each of us if we really must do something. So we did. And then on Monday morning my husband went to the pastor intending to give whatever more was needed. (I did not say we were perfectly obedient!) What we found was that even though the pastor had hoped for only the down payment for what the church needed, he had received enough money, and some extra, to do the entire job. As much as God uses us to give, He does not need our money, and He has the right to tell us when to give, and when it is not for us to do so. This does not mean that a project is bad, merely that it is other people’s turn to be used. This also made it easier for us to move on when we were to leave this church. As far as I know, no church we have been to, no matter how small, has missed our tithe after we left. God always provided.

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