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The Dead Beat Dad Plan

First, we know that every baby has a daddy. This is how they are made. So why are some daddy’s supporting their children, while others are not? And, since tax dollars now pay to support a percentage of these fatherless babies, that means good, hard-working men (and women) are paying to support other men’s kids.

So what can we do about this?

Here are some ideas:

First, the father’s name on the birth certificate is not optional. We know one exists. If the mother does not put one down, then an investigation is opened. Every child needs a daddy, just in case something happens down the road.
-An investigation would cost less than supporting the child on tax dollars, and, with Face Book, Twitter, Instagram etc and so many people willing to rat dead beat dads out, it should not be too difficult. A DNA test will confirm. It is not unreasonable search and seizure if there is reason to presume you are responsible.
-If the father does not sign the birth certificate, but instead the mother puts his name in the blank a notice is sent to him and he has 90 many days to disprove paternity, or the child is his.
-If the mother wants absolutely nothing to do with the father she can either prove that she is self-sufficient and list who the baby will go to in case of her death, or put the name of a person who will take financial responsibility for her, and her child should they fall on hard times. (This could be one, or both of her parents or siblings.) This person would have to sign that they are willing to be that person.

Next, since many times the mother is worried about upsetting the father, a PFA is automatically issued if the father does not voluntarily claim the child and forces an investigation. The mother, and a witness (unrelated to the father) may then attest that the father is not a danger and the PFA is removed. The father can get the PFA removed if he can prove that he did not know about the child prior to the investigation, and cooperated when informed.

Dads who will not work will not be tolerated. If you have a child, then you work. If you do not find a job, the government can assign you one until you do. (Our parks and roadsides will look especially nice until you get your life sorted out.) The exception would be the permanently disabled, but this will be rare since the boy was obviously ‘able’ enough to father a child and should therefore be able to do other things as well. My thoughts: If the nice boy with Down’s Syndrome at the grocery store can work, and tell jokes that make me laugh while doing so, so can many other adults. I know of too many men that refuse to get off their mother’s couch because they are not working to support that &!%@#. This is wrong, and should not be condoned.
-Can you imagine this? You get a notice in the mail that there will be a dead beat dad at work in your neighborhood and until he finds a job your driveways will be shoveled, lawns mowed, leaves raked etc, with the elderly having theirs done first, since, after all, it is your money supporting his child until he finds other employment. He can flex time around job interviews, but since many people purposely bomb interviews 40 hours will still be required until a job is found.

This plan should decrease the amount of tax money going to support single mothers overall, while making sure they are protected and provided for. True there is a cost for investigating these claims and supervising the dead-beat dad work squad, but the decrease in people needed to process child support should offset these numbers.

What do you think?

Oh, and if he does violate the PFA and beat up, or threaten, the mother of his child the penalties will be stiff. I don’t mind paying to support her to see that his butt is in jail. It belongs there.

photo by Matija BarrettĀ 

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