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My Encounters With the Holy Ghost (Con’t): Teacher


This is probably my main gift. It flows through everything I do. I do very little without explaining why I do it to others. My son once called me and I said that I was never very athletic. He said, ‘But you were awesome at karate.’ I said that I wasn’t and that I worked very hard for what I had achieved. He then pointed out that all of the guys lined up to learn from me. I said, ‘Ah, I am not a great doer, but if you have the skill I am great at showing you how to use it.’ That is a teacher. A teacher can break down what they know and apply it to your situation so that you can understand how to use the information. It is not that they necessarily know more than you; they can just communicate it in a way others understand and can apply to their lives. If you give a teacher new information they will likely explain it back to you. Not because they are trying to take credit for it, but because that is what they do with information. They make it real. They look at it from different angles and play with it until it becomes real, and then they share. Typically you cannot get a teacher to shut up, but some are quiet. With maturity you learn when to share and when to let the person come to their own conclusions. A teacher walks you through the process. They do not spoon-feed you but they make you think and do so that you actually learn and find the information useful. This is why not everyone who has facts can teach, and why it is a gift.

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