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White Wedding Night: A Christian Girl’s Guide to the Wedding Night and Beyond…

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ImageA New Believer’s Bible Commentary Series: Genesis – Deuteronomy, Joshua-Job, Song-Psalms, The Prophets, The Gospels and Letters & Revelation. These are easy to read guides that will help you better understand your Bible no matter what level you are at!



Photo by Matija Barrett

Photo by Matija Barrett

The Study Guides: A Christian Study Guide for The DaVinci Code, A Christian Study Guide for Atlas Shrugged. The Study Guides contain thought provoking questions and answers to help you understand the literature. They may be used by an individual, with a home schooler, or by a small group. 




Photo by Matija Barrett

Photo by Matija Barrett

The Unit Studies: How In the World Did We Get Into This Mess (World History), and Civics. The Unit Studies are designed as research projects. There are questions, definitions, essays, projects and field trip ideas. There is no answer key. Why? Because much of the information is linked to current events, which change over time. The Unit Studies are ideal for preparing a student for the multitude of research papers and essays inherent in most college curriculums. 

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