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How to Pray

IMG_2581Many Christians struggle with prayer- though no one likes to admit it. What most Christians fail to understand is that there are many ways to pray…

The most common prayer is petition. Asking God for what you need. And this is fine, but often it seems repetitious and in many lives (thankfully) our list of needs runs out fairly quickly…

We should also remember to thank God for what He has done for us. But this too is often over in a brief period of time.

The most forgotten aspect of prayer is meditative. The one that instructs us to ‘be still and know that I am God.’ Sitting in God’s presence. Being at peace with the One who created us. This state of prayer is where we truly commune with God. In this state our petitions and thanksgiving come more easily to mind and don’t seem like such a short list. In this state we may think of nothing, or wait until the Holy Spirit brings something to mind. In this state it is easy to wish that prayer time would never end. We don’t need words, or lists or anything else, just the quietness of mind to experience God’s presence. I have often wondered what Joshua did, praying in the Tent of Meeting. I am convinced much of his time was spent just sitting in God’s presence. Because, while Israel had many, many issues that required prayer, it is difficult to believe he could spend all day, every day, listing their needs. Sitting in God’s presence and waiting on the Holy Spirit seems to make more sense. Try sitting in the presence of God today.

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